About us

BIMMO is an active family company with its roots in the retail sector.

This dynamic group is headed by Johan DE BIE, founder of the SELFMADE home and garden centres (1979), the FUN toy stores (1988) and other commercial initiatives such as PLUS and TUINCOMFORT. The group therefore enjoys a solid background in retail.

So: We are RETAIL

Nowadays, BIMMO has grown into a solid, structural and energetic network with a flexible attitude aimed at meeting market needs.

BIMMO’s core business is retail parks in prime locations and strong clusters with stores along major access roads, let to prime retailers and reputable chain stores.

BIMMO’s investments are spread over the main commercial axes in Flanders and on the outskirts of Brussels. The occupancy rate of BIMMO’s retail buildings is currently 100%. BIMMO’s retail customers include reputable commercial brands, which let one or more stores.

The current BIMMO team is responsible for monitoring existing and future projects and taking care of facility management, the portfolio, marketing and contacts with all tenants. We maintain the green zones and parking areas of our parks and clusters ourselves.